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Man, Machine and Time



This project is about the journey that my grandfather embarked on 14 years ago with a plan of building his dream car and all the problems and stress that came with that decision. But, this story is not only about the relationship between man and his creation, but about man and the love/hate relationship with time. We think of time as our enemy but it isn’t necessarily. Time can be our friend if we learn how to appreciate it. Do it the right way and the things you have always wished for will come true but nothing comes without a price. My grandfather held his dream and didn’t let go until it was complete. Even though he cant drive the car as much as he’d like, time gave him what he wanted because he accomplished his goals. But time took something in return his youth turned to old age.


Wonderlust Puebla


The origin of employment of this assignment arouse from a need to document different tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants and bars in cities around the world. This is in order to provide the reader with a variety of sites, which they can visit and enjoy. In this edition of Wonderlust, I had the opportunity to travel and photograph a great list of places in the city of Puebla. Subsequently, the photographs were edited and selected by a team of curators so that the edition of the magazine was published.

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