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M E S A   E V A



The origin of the project arises from the need to support the administration staff of the CENTRO university. Mesa Eva was developed based on Eva's particular needs and an investigation of her home, the people who inhabit herself and how they interact in space. After this investigation, we observed that 10 people live in Eva's home, who eat and live together at a table for approximately 6 people. For this reason, we decided that the main shape of the table would consist of an oval, since this allows no one to be left out of the coexistence for the same reason that no one is left in the corners of the table.


This project was developed along side with Alejandra Meshoulam, Frida Felix and Henry Chavez Peon




The project arises from concern about the possibility of making a mistake. Errors are avoided and covered, although in reality it does not necessarily have to be this way, there are creative opportunities in errors. The famous "happy accidents" are a clear example; not everything is in our control although it can be. At the beginning of the project, it was sought to show the mistakes already made, but this idea will remain on the surface of what errors really are, for this reason it was sought to generate errors in order to observe if it is possible to generate errors as easily as it is to commit them. .

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